This Night Clearing (2010)

three days of blistering rain and purple-hued clouds break
for a full moon glowing blissfully in this
northern night sky

the crickets, perched in the sanctuary of their
eastern white pine, sing their harmonious
love songs to all who would take a
moment and listen to the melody within

an orb weaver spider weaves her fertile web
across the cobble stone walkway
stretching from the mountain laurel bush,
to the pine, to the picket fence
fencing her tranquil plot from the
mechanical world outside

the silvery clean blades of perennial ryegrass
huddled on their bed of green
still moist from three days of soaking
stand fully erect beneath my bare
feet, massaging away the aches
from a harsh life of toil and labor

inside, the baby, having been read a bedtime
story, his back gently rubbed and soothed,
lies under security’s blanket, dreaming
of butterfly wings born out his soft baby
shoulders as he hovers and flutters
above a pool of milky love and joy

and here I stand, yielding to the pleasures of
cricket love songs, to the glimmer of the
full moon’s splendor, to the orb weaver’s
majestic artistry, to the scent of
evaporating rain drops in the clearing
night sky, to the prickly sensations of
nature’s leaves of grass wrapped around my ankles,
to the tender chest palpitations of sleeping baby
breaths heaving in perfumed innocence,
letting this moment sparkle in my memory while I
wonder if maybe I’ve been here before
perhaps once, as a child, in the comfort
of my mother’s heavenly bosom

©Wilson Santos 2010


About Wilson Santos

Wilson Santos is a writer, filmmaker, music producer, DJ, spoken word artist, graphic designer, entrepreneur and college professor. And he makes a hell of a Mojito too.

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