I Once Dreamed Dreams (2008)

There was a time once when I dreamed dreams
multi-colored perfume dreams
dreams of smiling weeping willow trees
of flowers shooting out the barrel of a gun
of a 3000 mile ladder rising to the full moon of ecstasy
dreams of floating through cotton soft clouds
of leaping from star to star beyond our vision
of reaching the wall at the end of the universe
and climbing over it to the other side
dreams of hovering over the sorrow of humanity
I once dreamed dreams of immaculate love
on a spring morning laying in a bed of sunflowers
the sun bouncing yellow rays onto my broken heart
dreams of regressing back into the purity of my mother’s womb
of seeing heavens arms stretched wide to embrace us all
dreams of fingers caressing my insides and telling me
that everything is going to be all right.

Union City, 2008


About Wilson Santos

Wilson Santos is a writer, filmmaker, music producer, DJ, spoken word artist, graphic designer, entrepreneur and college professor. And he makes a hell of a Mojito too.

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