You Come Singing (2011)

As the tenderness
of my once thriving heart
drowns in an arid abyss of reason
here you come singing –
singing your songs of love
songs of unbridled passion
songs like the songs of my Muse
songs soaring above sorrow
stimulating surreal sensations
swaying sweet serenades in my spirit
awakening a dormant passion
singing your Spanish lullaby
serene as a Nightingale’s whisper
planting your song in my soul
oh blossomed Gardenia
you’re an illusion beyond my grasp
I know it
and yet I open my heart and soak you in
your fertile song seeps inside
inspiring soft smiles where once I frowned

I’m seduced by the sound of your song
seduced by your songs of desire
songs of awakened dreams blooming like Orchid
petals on sunshine smiles
songs of harmonious purity like Night’s shade
shielding two bodies as one
songs of carnal lust tempting Temptation’s weakness
for sacramental sexual yearning
songs of bodies entwining on Hispañola’s northern shore
as Dawn rainbows her sunrise on bare flesh and love
songs of lips on lips caressing creamy saliva and rousing
sublime emotional heart palpitations
songs of untamed fantasies regressing past a child-like
innocence toward nascent experience
songs of penetrating rapture transcending senses
beyond ecstacy’s embrace
songs that sing the pleasure of sensual salvation
and surge toward eternal devotion

for you sacred singer,
singing me sacred songs,
I sing you my song
I contemplate
I want more
more yearning and burning
more painful pleasure
more and more singing,
so never stop singing
never stop loving
never stop lusting for words,
for more words and songs
and poetic beauty
ay señorita de canto
keep singing me past the great beyond
as your verse sweeps me along its infinite wake
I follow like a humbled child
I swallow the sound of your voice
I sink deep in the serenity of your loving embrace
oh singer of these amorous songs
if your soft lips taste sweet like your song
I might just surrender
I might just be sold as your slave.


About Wilson Santos

Wilson Santos is a writer, filmmaker, music producer, DJ, spoken word artist, graphic designer, entrepreneur and college professor. And he makes a hell of a Mojito too.

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