After a decade of promoting dance parties in New York City and New Jersey, Wilson Santos launched his own record label, One Step Beyond Records in the fall of 2000, with the debut of the self-tilted, “One Step Beyond.” This first spoken-word release, was licensed on over 20 compilations by top DJs like Steve Lawler, Terry Francis and Victor Calderone, to name a few. From 2001-2005, Santos produced original spoken-word songs and remixes for labels like Defected, Subliminal, Stealth, Fluential, Kult and Credence, including remixes for international dance artists Dirty Vegas and Kathy Brown. In 2002, UK’s Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong, hailed Santos’ production of “Jaded Memory” (Defected), as one of the “Top 3 tunes of New Year’s 2002”  during a New Year’s broadcast of the show.

Although his record label is no more, Santos’ original spoken-word productions have been featured on numerous compilations in the past 12 years; too many to list here.  Most recently in 2010, Santos signed a multi-record deal with Kult Records to deliver several spoken-word songs. The first was a duet collaboration of a re-release with Lula, “The DJ, The Music and Me.”  In 2011, Kult released “The Church Song.” New releases are scheduled for 2013.

You can listen to, and buy his music on itunes and beatport. Click on links below.

Listen to some live mix tapes by Wilson Santos:



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