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This is for the Feelers


This is for the feelers
The stealers
The drug dealers
The muthafuckin dope feigners
The healers
The freakers
Runnin round naked like a streaker Read the rest of this entry


These Little Heart Murmurs

two roses

What sour sweetness fills the air?
What mixed flavors spur these thoughts?
What song moves us closer?
What forces wedge in between?
What plots?
What counsel?
What stench still lingers. Read the rest of this entry

You Should’ve Said No – 2012

You shouldn’t smoke this other blunt, and you know it too. But your drunken ass just can’t say no to Sonia, licking the Dutchie with her raspberry mouth, because you don’t see a blunt at all, but imagine something else between her lips, and instead of saying no, you hand her a lighter.

Sonia is a professional at rolling pencil-straight blunts. You imaging she must be professional at other things too, because that’s how your perverse mind thinks. It doesn’t matter that she can’t cook rice and beans like Abuelita does, or that she leaves dirty panties in the tub, or thinks Uruguay is an exotic Malaysian dish. Read the rest of this entry

Listen to and download some live “mix tapes” by Wilson Santos:


My Love for you is Burnin (2010)

My love for you is burnin
Like Paris is burnin
New York burnin
New hope burnin
Flowers are burnin
Life is burnin Read the rest of this entry

Like Winter Snow (2008)

Your love is cold like winter snow
Emotions that never ripened
What’s in that dark heart no one knows
Only that you seem frightened Read the rest of this entry

Sexualizing Clogged Pipes? Really?

Sex Sells. We all know that. Marketers know that. Everyday, we’re bombarded by sexual undertones and overt sexual imagery on TV commercials, billboards, print and online ads. This is not new. As a society, we are addicted to sex and sexuality. We consume porn like we consume food. Even with a plethora of free Internet porn, the industry is still a thriving multibillion-dollar industry. Why are we so obsessed with sex? Read the rest of this entry

Immortal Orgy (1994)

Let us forget about the
insolence of human nature.
tonight you shall take
my hand and
come –
with me – Read the rest of this entry

You Come Singing (2011)

As the tenderness
of my once thriving heart
drowns in an arid abyss of reason
here you come singing –
singing your songs of love
songs of unbridled passion
songs like the songs of my Muse
songs soaring above sorrow
stimulating surreal sensations
swaying sweet serenades in my spirit Read the rest of this entry

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