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We Tug and Pull Each Other


We tug and pull each other
There’s never rest between
The ropes we pull are bruising
Sometimes they make us mean Read the rest of this entry


My Verse – a visual spoken word

today I write my verse
not because I want to
but because I have to
I write my verse to
give voice to the voiceless
to give sound to the silence around
to make light out of dark
to bring peace out of war
and squeeze water from oil and blood Read the rest of this entry 

It is me, my son – (2011)


It is me, my son, and you who’s inspired great change
 Before you, I was wandering deserted plains.
It is you, who stopped the winds from blowing
 With no sail to go, I started quickly rowing.
It is us, together hand in hand
 walking tall, we travel barren lands. Read the rest of this entry 

My Love for you is Burnin (2010)

My love for you is burnin
Like Paris is burnin
New York burnin
New hope burnin
Flowers are burnin
Life is burnin Read the rest of this entry

Who is an Artist? (2013)


you are, who sees beauty in a leper’s face
when no one else will even glance
you who in moments of shame, still smile
because “life ain’t that serious,” you say
who at night sits in silence to hear the moon’s whisper,
because inspiration is born in those words Read the rest of this entry

Dance Floor (1998)

Feeling the rapture of a thousand intoxicated eyes,
Seething laser-like through the hysteria,
Seething through the perfumed oneness of our breaths.
This is the cosmos of mental instrumentation,
Of mental hallucination,
Of surreal feelings like floating through
Violet colored Nebula; Read the rest of this entry

Immortal Orgy (1994)

Let us forget about the
insolence of human nature.
tonight you shall take
my hand and
come –
with me – Read the rest of this entry

You Come Singing (2011)

As the tenderness
of my once thriving heart
drowns in an arid abyss of reason
here you come singing –
singing your songs of love
songs of unbridled passion
songs like the songs of my Muse
songs soaring above sorrow
stimulating surreal sensations
swaying sweet serenades in my spirit Read the rest of this entry

Art is Not in The Product


Justice is only justice…

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