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The King’s Gambit – chess and war

How is life like chess and chess like life? This short montage film started out as just a few guys goofing around one night with a camera and a chess board. Later, in the editing phase, it turned into this.

Producer: Wilson Santos
Directors: Natan Avidan and Wilson Santos
Camera: Natan Avidan
Editor: Wilson Santos
Chess Players: Chris Hanna & Wilson Santos
Music: “Hall of the Mountain King” by Kevin Macleod for

(see the credits at the end of the film for info on additional footage used)


NYC – Central Park – Memorial Day Weekend (2013)


Baraka with a Movie Camera: From City Symphony to Global Symphony

*This essay was originally written for a Graduate writing class on December 14, 2010.

At first glance, it would appear that a comparison of Ron Fricke’s Baraka and Dziga Vertov’s Man With a Movie Camera is an unfair juxtaposition since the political and ideological messages of the two films vastly differ in both message and cultural sympathies. Man is a city symphony focused on a localized Soviet city of 1929. It celebrates socialism, modernity, industry and labor, while encouraging humanity’s coexistence with machine. Baraka on the other hand is a global symphony that celebrates humanism and spirituality. With its “one world”message, the film romanticizes nature while chastising modernity and society’s obsession with a destructive global-industrial consumerist culture. However, despite these thematic differences, there are many instances of overlap and parallel filmic moments the two films share in common, more specifically, their use of technological cinematic elements, poetic structure and experiment in pure montage that push filmmaking to limits beyond the classical Hollywood narrative composition that has long dominated world cinema. Read the rest of this entry

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