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Deep House Mix – NYC Underground Sounds


Deep and Sexy House Music – DJ MIx

DMC World Magazine Review – 2005

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Listen here:

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You Should’ve Said No – 2012

You shouldn’t smoke this other blunt, and you know it too. But your drunken ass just can’t say no to Sonia, licking the Dutchie with her raspberry mouth, because you don’t see a blunt at all, but imagine something else between her lips, and instead of saying no, you hand her a lighter.

Sonia is a professional at rolling pencil-straight blunts. You imaging she must be professional at other things too, because that’s how your perverse mind thinks. It doesn’t matter that she can’t cook rice and beans like Abuelita does, or that she leaves dirty panties in the tub, or thinks Uruguay is an exotic Malaysian dish. Read the rest of this entry

Listen to and download some live “mix tapes” by Wilson Santos:


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