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Kindness is a Boomerang



Even Mexican’s can Sing “God Bless America”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Anoushka Shankar could perform a rendition of God Bless America at an MLB all-star game, her Sitar in hand, strumming a world beat, with a drummer at her side, adding color to our song? What about Femi Kuti, there at center field of the Yankee Stadium with his African rhythms? Why can’t Los Juanes love America too, or a Mariachi band? Celia Cruz would’ve been great, with Tito Puente on timbales. Why not Juan Luis Guerra? That might actually be ideal since large portions of MLB players are Dominican anyway. It might make them feel more at home. Ironically, the same people bemoaning that “Mexican” Marc Anthony singing the anthem are cheering for our darker Dominican brothers like David Ortiz and Melkys Read the rest of this entry

Who is an Artist? (2013)


you are, who sees beauty in a leper’s face
when no one else will even glance
you who in moments of shame, still smile
because “life ain’t that serious,” you say
who at night sits in silence to hear the moon’s whisper,
because inspiration is born in those words Read the rest of this entry

Dance Floor (1998)

Feeling the rapture of a thousand intoxicated eyes,
Seething laser-like through the hysteria,
Seething through the perfumed oneness of our breaths.
This is the cosmos of mental instrumentation,
Of mental hallucination,
Of surreal feelings like floating through
Violet colored Nebula; Read the rest of this entry

My Fertile Sperm (2012)

It’s a pearl future we perceive
An ideal life we weave and weave
Like spiders cast their fertile webs
And wait in prey their daily bread

like rivers thrusting north and south
I gush my gusher in your mouth
You take it in just like a champ
and down your throat my kids make camp Read the rest of this entry

The Rich Aren’t Always the Smartest…


Art is Not in The Product


Justice is only justice…

Don’t spend too much time trying…

Chess is not always about winning…

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